“Activate Your Life” launched on October 23rd, 2018 and almost instantly went to the top of the list on Amazon. We hit #1 in the Self-Help category across the United States, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, and others. The book rose to #5 overall on Amazon for non-fiction and was #70 in the entire Amazon store. How did we do it?

“Many hands make light work…” The organizers and publisher of the book were able to collaborate and leverage the marketing power and collective creative genius of this amazing community of coaches across the globe. With the coordinated efforts of many motivated people working together we were able to reach more people and affect more lives with our work. Everyone benefits especially those who buy the book and start putting it to use in their lives and businesses.


Check out our top 5 tips for getting your book to #1 on Amazon after you click the link above to pick up our book! 😉 Shameless we know…


1) Combine efforts for HUGE impact

A group of motivated coaches makes for an amazing team. Even great coaches need help at times avoid the pitfalls of procrastination. (Check out our vlog post on eliminating procrastination)

By working as a team with regular check ins and deadlines to hit we all felt the pressure to take action month by month. When it came time to actually launch the book we were able to work as a team to promote and market the book and push it out to all of our networks. Yes we were able to combine our collective talents and strengths developing the project, but having that coordinated push on a specific day was essential to satisfying Amazon’s algorithms.


2) Go global

By collaborating with authors and contributors around the world, we were able to reach #1 across several categories in several countries! You can find our book on the shelves of some very unique corners of the world. Because of the range of time zones we were working from, it allowed us to keep the downloads and purchases flowing. It’s helpful to have people working the grass roots ground effort around the clock. We live in a global community. There are like-minded people wherever you go. Seek them out. Sit with them. Share stories. Build that community!


3) Treat it like sex

Yeah I said it…because it’s true! You want to have the launch of the book be part of the process not the start of the process. Creating anticipation and taking your time to fully appreciate the value of the build up makes for a far better experience and improves your odds of success. By documenting the process with things like videos, live social media posts and blog posts celebrating milestones along the way you keep people aware and engaged with your project. They are along with you for the ride, so when it’s time to hit that purchase button for the book or a launch party invite they feel a vested interest in your success. Get a close circle of book reviewers ready to review the book too. You’ll likely be able to get a copy of the book to reviewers in time for them to read a good portion of the book so they are ready to write an authentic review on launch day increasing the chances other people will choose it.


4) Give it up

Purchase “Activate Your Life” today!

Amazon’s algorithm works on an hourly cycle. In order to rise to the top of the rankings you need a concentrated period of activity immediately after launch. Once you build enough anticipation leading up to launch day, announce a free download period that only lasts 2 days or less. Give people a reason to flood your item and make it easy for them find the link they need. Having a digital version of your book for the kindle store and for Amazon increases the likelihood of hitting #1 tremendously.


5) What’s the status?

By now you get it. You NEED to get your message out on social media. Hopefully you’re already building a tribe and reaching people with your message. To keep the rankings moving up the line on launch day you’ll need to clear your schedule and get ACTIVE on social media that day especially. Keep your readers and potential downloaders aware of your rising ranking. People love to be part of something that is moving in the right direction. As the book launches and rises in the ranks be sure to screen shot it and spread the word. Get people excited and get ready for it to sky rocket.


Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to being an International Best Selling Author!