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Feeding the Flow of Your Life & Business

Tributary Coaching works in confluence with you and your team to realize your financial dreams while preserving your time and sanity. We bring performance training and coaching programs to business owners and commission- based entrepreneurs across the globe.

Applying concepts, techniques, and the mental strategies of elite athletes performing at the highest levels of sport, bring even great businesses and professionals to new frontiers of opportunity and success.

Our foundation rests on a solid bedrock of desire to uncover hidden opportunities for development, perform to maximum potential, and achieve at the highest levels.

Our Proven Systems

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We’ve partnered with the very best. Every Tributary Coaching client benefits from the implementation of proven systems and frameworks into their business. When you hire a Tributary coach, you’re hiring someone who is trained and certified to deliver outstanding results. You don’t need another cheerleader. You need someone that can make a difference. You need someone that can feed the flow of you life and business!

Tributary Coaching Works Differently. Not all Coaching is Equal. You Deserve the Best

1) We feed the flow of your life AND business

Many coaches focus on only one side of the equation. We feel strongly that to achieve true and lasting success in either area, you must address both. The key to success is not in balance, but INTEGRATION.


2) We Walk our Talk

If we are asking you to do something, it’s because we do it too. We do not work in isolation. Every Tributary Coach employs coaches of their own. Congruence is one of our core company values and we find value in being coached as well. We practice what we preech!


3) Never Stop Growing

The Marketing and Coaching worlds move fast. Tributary Coaches are required to constantly pursue continuing education to better their craft. We are always growing and improving as the industry evolves and develops.

Pull into the main flow of potential, and push beyond the banks of your perceived limitations.

— Paul Kuthe

Our results speak for themselves

If you are looking for vision and stability in you your business talk with Paul Kuthe at Tributary Coaching. His insights will bring you and your business to a new level. He can help grow your company in the right direction for an amazing and profitable future. He did it for my company, he can do it for yours!!


– – Melissa Ellis

Accurate Tree Experts, Inc

Our results speak for themselves

Paul offers first rate coaching combining careful listening, deep understanding, and wise insight based on what it will take to get you or your team moving forward with precision and clarity



– – John LaMunyon

Our results speak for themselves

Paul has helped me tremendously in organizing my daily work activities and encouraging me to overcome my tendencies to procrastinate with my big work projects. In a short period of time, I’ve already seen my business grow. I’ve been coached by Paul Kuthe for about 6 months. He’s a great guy to work with and he’s taught me how to get more out of work day. My production is up, I’m more positive, and I’m hitting my monthly sales goals. You’re the best, Paul!

– – Mark Eshelman

Loan Officer with Reverse Mortgage Funding

Our Team

If you want the most out, put the best in.

Paul Kuthe

Paul launched his career as a professional ‘action sports’ coach and athlete developing and managing programs for a leading company in his field.  His leadership, visibility in the industry and innovative events helped grow that business from 6 employees to over 40+ in the course of a year.  It was during those adventures that he […]

Rob Yates

What if you could take the skills of a professional global sports person, a successful businessman & uniquely innovative coach and put them all together in one person? The outcome is simple, and progressively obvious in Rob Yates. For the past 21 years Rob has been working on what are the components that make for […]

Erika Fitzgibbon

Erika Fitzgibbon has spent the last 20 years as career coach, advisor and counselor, focusing on professional development and advancement in a perse set of industries. While with the College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Fitzgibbon developed, launched, and managed the College’s first comprehensive career development programming, cultivating institutional relationships with some […]

Megan Giles

Graphic Designer & Storybrand Certified Guide Too many businesses DIY their marketing. They write copy to fit a pre-designed template. First impressions for your target audience only happen once though. Make your marketing count with eye catching visuals that lead prospects through your content. As a Storybrand Certified Guide and graphic designer with 10+ years […]


Tori is an organized, goal-driven, highly creative designer with a knack for gathering different folks and ideas from different walks of life and finding common ground. She grew her side hustle into a successful, award-winning print studio that delivered high quality products to hundreds of clients. With the help of her network of talented designers, […]

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