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Business Team & Leadership Solutions

A business is only as successful as it’s team. Working with a coach can bring your team closer together, reveal true aspirations, and prevent conflicts before they even start. Learn to coach your team not just “manage them”.

What to Expect

Strong teams produce strong results. We offer a range of experiences for work teams to better their relationships, discover how to interact with their team members for optimal results and communication while creating positive team cultures that drive successful outcomes. For leaders, the experience will give insight into how to best coach the team and leverage their strengths rather than constantly addressing their weaknesses.


Increased collaboration

By revealing our strengths and creating an environment of trust, we are able to better approach opportunities and challenges together.


Improved communication

Improved communication
Enjoyable, fun activities enable employees to get to know each other, create a better understanding of each other, and break down walls of mistrust by encouraging people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences.


Re-new motivation and engagement

Creating momentum and confidence amongst the team members and showing them the organization’s willingness to invest in them increases motivation for everyone.


Create positive accountability

Incorporating recognition and a culture of positive accountability sends a strong message to every team member about your company values and what that means to the success of the organization.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Performance can be measured in many ways. We are driven to understand what it is you’re looking to achieve so we help guide you to your successful outcome be it increased income, time, or fulfillment.


Reduction in employee turnover


More revenue compared to un-engaged teams


Increase in employee innovation, loyalty, and work ethic


It’s common to see a 6x return on the coaching investment

Tributary Coaching Works Differently.  Not all Coaching is equal.  You Deserve the Best

We feed the flow of your life AND business

Many coaches focus on only one side of the equation.  We feel strongly that to achieve true and lasting success in either area, you must address both.

Walk our talk

We do not work in isolation. Every Tributary Coach employs coaches of their own.  Congruence is one of our core company values and we find value in being coached as well.

Never stop growing

Tributary Coaches are required to constantly pursue continuing education to better their craft.  We are always growing and improving as the industry evolves and develops.

Team Coaching Service Options

Our programs can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Let us know a little more about your team and what may be holding you back. We will develop a custom menu of options based on your needs and budget.

Full Immersion Program

For the most dramatic results, commit to our most popular option and launch into the coaching experience.

Feature 1: Comprehensive approach
Feature 2: Dive into life and business to drive success in both areas
Feature 3: Best value for the investment
Feature 4: ‘Unlimited’ coaching plus weekly sessions

Strategic Sessions

Coaching when you need it most. Book a one-time session or a short series.

Feature 1: Short engagements
Feature 2: Custom topics
Feature 3: Pay as you go
Feature 4: No contracts needed

Pull into the main flow of potential, and push beyond the banks of your perceived limitations.

— Paul Kuthe


Our results speak
for themselves

Paul offers first rate coaching combining careful listening, deep understanding, and wise insight based on what it will take to get you or your team moving forward with precision and clarity.

John LaMunyon

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You risk nothing.  If after the first thirty days you are not completely satisfied with your coaching experience, we will refund all coaching fees and help you find another coach that better fits your needs.

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