You’re Missing Out Because Your Message Isn’t Inspiring Action.

Build a clear story that allows you and your team to take action toward a powerful shared mission. Stop wasting time and money on ineffective coaching and marketing.

We Understand the Struggle…

Your business means everything and you need to get it right.

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What’s Your Story?

Too many business leaders fail because they are telling the wrong story. We guide leaders to create a clear purpose and message so their best work can change the world and their lives and business can flow freely!

Your coach will help you gain clarity in direction, shape your marketing strategy, and develop your team for ultimate business performance.


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“If you confuse, you’ll lose”
It’s true in leadership and marketing.

As best selling author Donald Miller says, “Customers don’t buy the best products or ideas. They buy the ones they understand the fastest.”

You need to know how to use story so you can effectively communicate to your customers and your team. Invite them into a story that is about them, and they will thank you with a purchase and their loyalty.

How many of your customers are walking away without purchasing because they just don’t see the value in it for them. What would your team be like if they were aligned in the mission? What would your business feel like if more of those team members and customers took immediate action?

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You are missing out because your message isn't inspiring action.

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Your coach is waiting to help level up your message and personal performance so you and your team grow your business

Business Coaching

Your business depends on your performance. Be at your best.

Brand Story Development

Invite your team and clients into a story that moves them

Team & Group Coaching

Align your team to unlock their full potential

Know with confidence your business is on the right track


Hire a proven coach not just another cheerleader

Executive Coaching
Business Partnerships
Career Transitions
Presentation Planning
Group Coaching
Goal Story Development
Strategic Sessions


Don’t just spend on marketing. Invest in what really works

Brand Messaging
Mission Statement Creation
Marketing Funnel Creation
Lead Generation
Email Nurturing Campaigns
Website Development
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Flyers / Brochures

Team Solutions

Get the team behind the mission and telling the same story

Team Building Events
Team Adventures
Escape Rooms
Group Problem Solving
Strategic Sessions
In House Trainings
Day Retreats
Team Goal Story Integration

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The Most Powerful Program
for Business Growth & Development

Most small business owners never went to business school. Those that did likely left school with some giant gaps that are holding them back. What’s worse is most teams and employees are never given the tools and training they need to succeed either. Without ongoing training and development, the business, the team, and the owner suffer needlessly.

That’s why Tributary Coaching is certified to coach clients using the Business Made Simple ™ curriculum and methods. Business Made Simple makes it possible to get a world-class business education coupled with highly skilled coaching, so you and your team can grow and develop yourselves and your business for ongoing future success.

Get the book “Business Made Simple” by Donald Miller

Proven Process
for Effective Marketing

Often people are too close to their situation to clearly communicate what is needed or why it matters. This can be detrimental to their personal and business growth. If you can’t clearly communicate what you are offering, why it matters or what actions people should take, you are losing money and respect.

That is why Tributary Coaching utilizes StoryBrand(TM) while working with all of our clients. The StoryBrand framework creates understanding amongst team members and customers while positioning you as the expert guide they will gladly follow.


We Work With Some
of the Very Best

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"Paul is a fantastic coach. He asks questions to get to the root of your fears. He will push your limits and get you outside your comfort zone to achieve amazing results. I look forward to continuing our adventure together as he helps me create more success.”

- Jason Nichols

"When we started my brand was tired. We had been in business twenty years and needed a new brand message to compete. Paul helped us rework our story and apply it to our marketing collateral and client processes. He also helped train the team to position themselves as guides imporving their customer service and sales. We are excited to keep working with Paul to grow the business in exciting ways!"

- Scott Huotari

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"I kept making excuse after excuse on why I hadn't progressed and sitting down with Paul on a regular basis has really opened my eyes to new and better ways of doing things. With his coaching I have already started reaping the benefits and am beyond excited to continue working with Paul for my own personal growth and the growth of my business."

- Dan Garrison

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How to Use

The Power of Story to Accomplish any Goal

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Paul Kuthe and the team at Tributary Coaching can deliver a customized presentation people will remember.

Topics include: Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Business Best Practices, Team Dynamics, Communicating & Storytelling

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Don’t spend another dime on marketing or training until you have a plan with a clear mission and message