Really?! You’re watching another video about procrastination?

You’re doing it again aren’t you? You’re cruising the interwebz instead of getting down to business. Well I’m with you. I’ve been meaning to get this blog post written for weeks now. In theory the new website is going live in less than a week!! If we can pull it off, it will be running smooth in time for the big book launch party on Thursday night. “Activate Your Life” hit number #1 on Amazon across several categories almost instantly so we actually have something to celebrate!

So why is it so down to the wire? Admittedly I likely pushed the timeline of a year’s worth of work into 3 months to take full advantage of the visibility of the new book. When a good wave finally emerges you ‘turn on it’ and try to have the best ride possible whether you’re feeling ready or not. That said, I could have worked on it for 10 minutes here and there over the last few weeks and it would have been done and I could be hanging out soaking in the few remaining days of sun here in Portland, Oregon.

In this video we explore some thoughts as to why we tend to put things off and what we can do to activate our natural tendencies as a species so we take on the behaviors that will truly serve us. Give it a watch but (here is a top tip) Use the options on the video to speed it up so you can get back to taking the actions that will truly allow you to feed the flow of your life and business!