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Group Coaching Programs

Develop your skills and transform your business with the support of your coach and the energy of a group behind you.

What to Expect

Running a business can be isolating and stressful! With the support of your trusted cohort and your Certified Business Made Simple Coach™, you’ll achieve more in a few months than you have in the last few years! Systematically develop your communication, leadership, marketing, and productivity practices one course at a time or as a complete transformational system.



Work a framework to ensure anything you communicate is understood, interesting, and inspires change.



Inspire action and trust in your team by leveraging story to become the sort of leader people want to follow.



Never waste money on ineffective marketing again. Learn how to attract the right customers to your brand.



Learn how to get traction on your most important goals by not just working more, but by actually producing better results.


Peer Learning is Effective and FUN

Something powerful happens when you learn as a team. The insights and contributions of the group members can provide tremendous value. Enjoy a break from being ‘on the spot’ and take the time to reflect and consider multiple perspectives.

Your Accountability Team can Help Make it ‘Stick’

Behavior shifts as a result of learning alone are often brief. To make change happen quickly, and make it stick, it helps to have the accountability and support of a group behind you. Celebrate your wins and learn more from your challenges as a team!

Share The Cost of the Coaching Investment

Investing in a coach is investing in yourself. That investment doesn’t have to be all on you. By working together in a small group, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having your own coach AND the collaboration of your group without the worry of spending too much.

What’s Included We Will Guide You At Every Step

Free Consultation

Book a consult so we can learn more
about you and your goals

Custom Strategy

Our team of pros will create a
custom plan for your business

Grow Your Business

A clear message and decisive
action will grow your business

Group Coaching Service Options

Our programs can be adapted to fit your specific needs as a team member or the business owner. Let us know a little more about you or your team and what may be holding you back. We will develop a custom menu of options based on your needs and budget.

The Escape Room

Work together as a team to solve the puzzles and make an escape with this unique exercise! 

  • Inclusive and safe
  • Large and small groups
  • Fully Customizable
  • Followup trainings

Live Group Coaching

Let us cusomize a live in house training or workshop for your business team.

  • Custom Topics
  • Interactive talks
  • In person training
  • Small and large teams

Group Riverside Retreats

Whisk your team away to a beautiful riverside setting.

  • Serene peaceful location
  • Focused attention
  • Multiple topics covered
  • Leave with clarity and direction

Our results speak for themselves

If you are looking for vision and stability in you your business talk with Paul Kuthe at Tributary Coaching. His insights will bring you and your business to a new level. He can help grow your company in the right direction for an amazing and profitable future. He did it for my company, he can do it for yours!!


– – Melissa Ellis

Accurate Tree Experts, Inc

Our results speak for themselves

Paul offers first rate coaching combining careful listening, deep understanding, and wise insight based on what it will take to get you or your team moving forward with precision and clarity



– – John LaMunyon

Our results speak for themselves

Paul has helped me tremendously in organizing my daily work activities and encouraging me to overcome my tendencies to procrastinate with my big work projects. In a short period of time, I’ve already seen my business grow. I’ve been coached by Paul Kuthe for about 6 months. He’s a great guy to work with and he’s taught me how to get more out of work day. My production is up, I’m more positive, and I’m hitting my monthly sales goals. You’re the best, Paul!

– – Mark Eshelman

Loan Officer with Reverse Mortgage Funding

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

You risk nothing. If after the first thirty days you are not completely satisfied with your coaching experience, we will refund all coaching fees and help you find another coach that better fits your needs

For many business owners and professionals, “Business Coaching” is a deductable expense. It’s best to consult with your tax professional to be sure coaching is a deductable expense for you.

Many of our clients actually prefer to work over video chat. (even when they are close by). The ability for clients to be in whatever space they are most comfortable is appealing. Clients also enjoy recording their video sessions for review later. There is a magical power in watching yourself in session.

For those clients that prefer to meet in person, we can make those arrangements also. Often we can utilize a blend of both video and live sessions for optimal results.

Coaching is an investment that you should take very seriously. It’s likely one of the best you will ever make in yourself. We offer a range of coaching options including group and individual sessions. We will do our best to fit your needs and your budget.

For the best results we have found that weekly coaching sessions are best. Some clients prefer to book “strategic sessions” when they need them, but most of our one to one clients appreciate having simple weekly action plans that help break huge goals into achievable weekly steps. We have flexible scheduling and can accommodate almost any schedule. While coaching sessions take time, the discoveries we make often save clients several hours a week. If you have time to complain, you have time for coaching!

Coaching sessions vary depending on the goal of the session and the client. There are not typically set durations for sessions. A typical session lasts about one hour, but sometimes we discover a HUGE action that needs to be taken right away and the session ends instantly. Other times we need to be with our clients while they work through something significant. We keep a client load that allows us to adapt sessions to the needs of the client.

Most clients meet with their coach weekly. We like to offer the ‘Full Immersion’ experience so many of our clients hear from us almost daily. If there is anything you need, your Tributary Coach is there for you. Reach out via text, email, or call. We pride ourselves on being responsive for our clients because we know how important it is to have your coach in your corner when you need them.

It’s very important to work with a certified coach. It’s the Wild West out there in the coaching world. Almost anyone can call himself or herself a coach and start booking clients. The work you do with your coach will impact almost every aspect of your life. You want to be sure your coach has had the training and knows how to apply the right principals and techniques when working with you on the most important aspects of your life and business. In order to maintain quality and ethical standards, be sure your coach is certified!

Having a strong connection and immense rapport with your coach is critical. The best way to find out if a coach is a good fit for you is to meet them. At Tributary, we offer a free intro session for anyone looking to learn more about how coaching can help them. You will ‘feel it’. Your coach will leave you feeling inspired to take action and excited at the possibilities.

Pull into the main flow of potential, and push beyond the banks of your perceived limitations.

— Paul Kuthe

Are You Ready for a Guide to Help?

Too many business leaders fail because they are telling the wrong story. We guide leaders to create a clear purpose and message so their best work can change the world and their lives and business can flow freely!

Your coach will help you gain clarity in direction, shape your marketing strategy, and develop your team for ultimate business performance.

Take Action
Satisfaction Guaranteed

You risk nothing. If after the first thirty days you are not completely satisfied
with your coaching experience, we will refund all coaching fees and help you find the right solution

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