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Our Services

The Right Strategy

It all starts with:
The Right Strategy

We utilize a three part process to empower business success. Focus on only one area, or work our complete system in three phases.

Too many business leaders fail because they are telling the wrong story. We guide leaders to create a clear purpose and message so their best work can change the world!

It all starts by clarifying your goals and values with your personal business coach. You need to have clarity on where the business is going and why.

Once the goals are clear, we help you message and market your business so it can evolve to meet those goals.

Then we train the team to embody the mission, vision, and values of the business with authenticity. Everyone needs to be telling the same story!

What to Expect
During your Experience


Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always had. Having a certified coach in your corner giving perspective and creating an environment of positive accountability is the difference that you and your team needs.


A great coach will help you access the very best within you and will help you discover how to get the best out of others, and the most out of your business. When everyone is in alignment with the story, and that story is clear and compelling to your clients, success is inevitable.


Personal Performance, Brand Messaging, and Team Development come together to form the undercurrent of your business and culture. When you, your brand and your team are working in unison, ANYTHING is possible


Increased Productivity


Years of Experience




Happy Clients

The Most Powerful Program
for Business Growth & Development

Most small business owners never went to business school. Those that did likely left school with some giant gaps that are holding them back. What’s worse is most teams and employees are never given the tools and training they need to succeed either. Without ongoing training and development, the business, the team, and the owner suffer needlessly.

That’s why Tributary Coaching is certified to coach clients using the Business Made Simple ™ curriculum and methods. Business Made Simple makes it possible to get a world-class business education coupled with highly skilled coaching, so you and your team can grow and develop yourselves and your business for ongoing future success.

Get the book: “Business Made Simple” by Donald Miller

Proven Process for Effective Marketing

Often people are too close to their situation to clearly communicate what is needed or why it matters. This can be detrimental to their personal and business growth. If you can’t clearly communicate what you are offering, why it matters or what actions people should take, you are losing money and respect.

That is why Tributary Coaching utilizes StoryBrand(TM) while working with all of our clients. The StoryBrand framework creates understanding amongst team members and customers while positioning you as the expert guide they will gladly follow.

Get the best-selling books:
Building a Storybrand” and “Marketing Made Simple

Our Proven Process for Business Success

Refine one area, or work the system in three phases to transform your business

Business Coaching

Don’t go it alone. Have a coach in your corner!

Group Coaching

Team up with a group and work the process together

Brand Story Development

Invite your team and clients into a story that moves them.

River Retreats

Focus on what really matters for a day (or two)

Team Trainings

Align your team to unlock their full potential

How it Works
The Tributary Process

Your success will emerge from a proven system. We customize coaching and branding packages to fit the needs of each client. Work the process the way that works for you and your business.


Get the Story Straight

Personal coaching will give you the insight, perspective, and accountability you need to feel supported and clear in the direction you’re taking in life and business.


Market Your Business

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be exhausting and expensive. We can do it ‘with you’ or do it ‘for you’, so you can focus on running the show.


Train Your Team

We train your team to embody the story. They need to not just tell, but LIVE the story your business is inviting your clients into.

Tributary Coaching at your next
Event or Training

You want your event to be memorable and engaging.

Paul Kuthe and the team at Tributary Coaching can deliver a customized presentation people will remember.

Topics include: Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Business Best Practices, Team Dynamics, Communicating & Storytelling

Contact the team at Tributary Coaching to get Paul scheduled to speak at your next event.

Don’t spend another dime on marketing or training until you have a plan with a clear mission and message