Client Experiences

Wayne Rivers

Upon returning from a week’s vacation, I learned that two of my staff had a major conflict while I was gone and were not talking to each other. After talking to each of them individually, I wasn’t sure what to do, but had a feeling that I would have to let one of them go. I talked to Paul Kuthe with Tributary Coaching about this and he recommended a conflict mediation session. We spent the time with Paul going through different hats to wear and at the end of the emotionally wrenching three hours, the staff had reconciled and we came to an agreement on what we could all work on. I am blessed with the staff that I have and am so happy that Paul was able to help me through this challenge.

Owner of Wayne Rivers CPA

Tyler McMahon

I have had some of my most difficult decision making challenges in both my personal and professional life over the past twelve months. Through the coaching of Paul Kuthe and Tributary Coaching LLC, I navigated with direction and felt confident I was on the right track for success. Paul opened my eyes and made me realize just what I can do! Paul gave me strategies that made the process easier. I continue to use Paul and will continue as I grow further in both my personal and profession life. Paul’s coaching is so genuine and he knows how to connect. He understands how I need to be held accountable and adapts his coaching to me (that is not always easy). Paul is truly an amazing coach.

Branch Manager at Evergreen Home Loans

Steve Kuyatt

Paul Kuthe and Tributary Coaching take you from probable to possible. When I started with Paul I thought I knew what my business was about – but Paul helps you fine tune your focus and purpose. He takes a wholistic approach to not only setting goals and reaching results, but helps you understand how you as a person relate to the success of your life and your business. With Paul’s guidance, encouragement and accountability I’ve not only made my business profitable – I’ve made it successful!

Owner, The Task At Hand, LLC

Dan Garrison

I’ve been working with Paul at Tributary Coaching for just over a year now and he really helps keep me on track with goal setting for both life and business.

I used to wright down my goals, put them in a drawer and never look at them again. Paul now helps me keep my goals front and center and pushes me to create the action steps to move continually forward toward their achievement. We all have barriers that hold us back from achieving the great things we want for ourselves, our families and the ones we love. Paul is amazing at inspiring you to have the courage to face those barriers and clear them from your path to success, prosperity and happiness.

Paul not only pushes you toward success, but he also sets the example by pushing himself to step out of his comfort zone by facing his own fears. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to move their life in the direction of greatness! Thanks for everything coach!

Instant Imprints

Jackie Meldrum

You are so amazing, Paul! I have paid for online programs as well as in person coaching more times than I care to admit and nothing has come close to the support, knowledge, skill sets and tools that I have already gained in our one month together!

John LaMunyon

Tributary offers first rate coaching combining careful listening, deep understanding, and wise insight based on what it will take to get you or your team moving forward with precision and clarity.

Melodi Ramquist

People underestimate the importance of Career Pathing and Professional Coaching. Whether you are right out of college seeking your first opportunity or an “old pro” trying to remain competitive in today’s employment pool, Tributary Coaching can make a huge impact on your future!

1000 Stories Inc.

Melissa Ellis

Paul Kuthe at Tributary Coaching is amazing. He took our new company with no vision and made it visionary. He wrote the most amazing bios, that brought me to tears. He was patient and illuminating with our brand needs. He has created an inspirational mission statement and helped us to define our purpose. I would recommend Paul to anyone with a new or established business to help take your business to the next level!

Accurate Tree Experts, Inc

Sarah Tamez

Paul did a great job helping me with my business. He was always there to support and challenge me. I would recommend him to anyone needing a little push or looking to take their business to the next level.  Thank you Paul!

David Tifft

Tributary Coaching has been an excellent means of providing real solutions in achieving my goals and moving through my challenges.  Paul Kuthe provides excellent one-on-one attention and continues to assist me with the utmost integrity.  It’s been extremely helpful having a professional invest in my wellbeing.  I highly recommend Tributary Coaching to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their business.

Mark Eshelman

Paul has helped me tremendously in organizing my daily work activities and encouraging me to overcome my tendencies to procrastinate with my big work projects. In a short period of time, I’ve already seen my business grow.  I’ve been coached by Paul Kuthe for about 6 months. He’s a great guy to work with and he’s taught me how to get more out of work day. My production is up, I’m more positive, and I’m hitting my monthly sales goals. You’re the best, Paul!

Loan Officer with Reverse Mortgage Funding

Tori Sacco

I have known Paul for years, but never in this capacity. I own a small business (no employees), and asked Paul to meet with me a couple of years ago. We had a lovely meeting over lunch, where we talked in depth about my business, its goals, and my personal goals as well. Since then, he has been persuasive, easy to talk to and keep up with, and annoyingly persistent. He has a way of making me hold myself accountable. My business has improved, and I’m confident it will continue to do so, with him helping me push myself. You will not be disappointed if you decide to let Paul take you or your business to the next level.

Stephana Johnson

Paul at Tributary Coaching is exactly the kind of person you want on your support team. He’s a real person with extensive experience coaching and guiding folks to achieve their goals. He will help you easily overcome obstacles that may have held you back in the past.  Through his strategic tools he guides his clients with a continuously positive outlook and keen sense of just the right touch of consistent accountability. I’m very impressed with him as a coach and as a person and highly recommend him whether you are a sole entrepreneur or have a team you manage he can look at the big picture and help you get to where you want to go. He will also help you get clear on where you are going and ensure it aligns with your core values. Something I think everyone can use. Don’t hesitate to call Paul if you are looking for a genuine coach with real experience not a weekend coach who just hung a shingle. He’s the real deal and will get you real results!

Jennifer F.

Paul is a fantastic coach, my experience with him as well as others experiences that I have witnessed and heard have all been positive and enlightening. If you are stuck and need a little push to take your business or life to the next level Paul has the experience, knowledge, and tricks of the trade to get you where you always wished you were able to go.

Margaret L.

Paul Kuthe is an amazing coach! There are not enough words to praise his abilities. He has helped me with improving many areas of my life; in my physical performance as a kayaker, in my emotional life; and as a newer paddling coach. He is able to observe, listen, and provide succinct, insightful feedback that leads to self-learning and improvement. He is also a fantastic person and role model. He models what he teaches in all areas of his life.

Dee B.

Working with Paul Kuthe over the years has shown me what a great coach can provide. He understands why change is not always easy yet encourages and nudges in the most efficiently kind way. He helps me (the student) understand that the correct action is the best. I’ve had others with a determined mind set of how the learning will occur, demanding a path placed ahead, but Paul observe’s where your at and helps to bring about understanding with the change. He gets you to commit to the easier effortless path thus, directing the end result to confident learning.