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Conflict Mediation Coaching

Some conflict can be a healthy part of how a team operates, but it can also be toxic. Losing employees due to a failure to address conflict is detrimental to morale and the bottom line. Take a pro-active approach and head off even larger problems in the future by taking action today.

What to Expect

By working with a professionally trained and certified coach to resolve conflicts within the workplace you prevent the expensive consequences of losing employees or worse yet retaining problematic ones. Mediated agreements, which result in negotiated solutions that address each of the parties’ needs, preserve present and future working relationships. If a future working relationship is important, a negotiated agreement may be the best resolution possible whereby all-gain solutions are created. Mediation is often a helpful healing process and encourages direct communication between parties. The mutual resolution will also help give the parties a place to start for future interactions.


Timely Resolution

Unaddressed, conflicts can simmer under the surface for weeks, months, or even years. With a mediator, solutions can be discovered much more quickly.


Lasting Impact

When properly mediated and supported, the solutions discovered have long lasting positive effects on the business and the people within it.


Save Resources

By addressing problems directly and professionally you avoid the tremendous costs of lasting unresolved conflicts within your team.



By working with a mediator you can be sure the matter is resolved in a professional and confidential manor creating trust and confidence among your team members.


Lasting Relationships

Conflict is a healthy part of any relationship. When done properly, the experience can actually strengthen employee relationships.


Save on legal fees

Avoid conflicts festering and devolving into costly legal battles and claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, or unjust practices.


Employee Retention

By properly addressing conflict in a professional manor you increase the likelihood of retaining your best employees.


Increase Credibility

People follow leaders they trust. By working to find solutions to conflicts and addressing the real concerns of the team, create immense credibility and trust.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The Results Speak for Themselves. There are many ways to measure the impact of effective conflict mediation. By working with a neutral outside party, we are able to achieve exceptional results.


more time spent managing the team instead of conflict


reduction in turnover rates


of clients report increases in productivity after mediation


of clients said they would use conflict mediation services again

How does it work?

The Mediator Process

The role of the mediator is specifically to help the parties find their own satisfactory, workable solutions by being an effective facilitator and providing structure, focus, and assistance with communication. The mediator provides unbiased, impartial assistance from the position of someone with no other involvement or investment in the outcome of the dispute.

By walking the parties through a framework that allows the opportunity to analyze the situation from a range of perspectives, the mediator is able to facilitate the collaborative effort of finding a lasting solution to almost any conflict.  While a successful solution to the conflict is not guaranteed, professional mediation increases the probability substantially and allows all parties to feel heard.

Pull into the main flow of potential, and push beyond the banks of your perceived limitations.

— Paul Kuthe


Our results speak
for themselves

Upon returning from a week’s vacation, I learned that two of my staff had a major conflict while I was gone and were not talking to each other. After talking to each of them individually, I wasn’t sure what to do, but had a feeling that I would have to let one of them go. I talked to Paul Kuthe with Tributary Coaching about this and he recommended a conflict mediation session. We spent the time with Paul going through different hats to wear and at the end of the emotionally wrenching three hours, the staff had reconciled and we came to an agreement on what we could all work on. I am blessed with the staff that I have and am so happy that Paul was able to help me through this challenge.

Wayne Rivers

Owner of Wayne Rivers CPA

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We want to build an experience that is suited to the needs of our clients. Most conflicts are addressed as part of a “Strategic Session” with all parties present and involved. To create an environment of trust, it’s important for the mediator to remain neutral and not be seen as conspiring with either side. It may be necessary to schedule multiple sessions, but often we are able to discover solutions after just one meeting. Pricing depends on the nature of the conflict, how many parties are involved, and how much time is needed. Please fill in the contact form below and let us know a little more about the nature of the conflict. Please refrain from giving personal opinions about either party involved.

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